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Advanced Game Weapons

(This section will focus on items that are unique to AG and not present in BG or Legends of Kesmai. For more information on the items in AG, check out the IoK Item Reference.)


"A large steel battle axe."



"A huge steel battle axe."



"A heavy steel crossbow."



"A beautifully balanced throwing dagger."


(Black Flail/Dragon Horn Flail)

"A black, three-sectioned staff forged from steel.(?) The flail is emitting a faint blue glow. The item is lawful."

The legendary Black Flail is a +6 lawful blue glowing weapon... very good indeed! Received in the Knight's HP Quest. (+6)

(Dragon Claw Gauntlets)

"A pair of scale gauntlets tipped with dragon claws."

(+2? +3?)

(Menuki Gauntlets/Maekong Gauntlets)

"A pair of gauntlets made of iridescent green and blood red scales alternating in an ever smaller pattern of glowing constellations. A wickedly curved talon projects from each knuckle. The gauntlets are emitting a faint blue glow."

These gauntlets were slightly better than Dragon Gauntlets, comparable to the BG's Crystal Gauntlets and could be used by non-MAs. They are +4. These are the only weapon that hurt the Makon. (+4)

(Makon Gauntlets)

"A pair of gauntlets with crystalline claws which have an odd metallic sheen. The long cuffs of thick leather are covered with thick green fur. The gauntlets are emitting a faint blue glow."

The Makon Gaunts were one of the AGs top game weapons. +6 Blue Glow that could dish out damage of 200+ with skilled hands and were crafted from the paws of the Makon itself. Only 2 non-MA characters had the use of these gauntlets, Snafu and DaenBear. (+6)


"A heavy steel greatsword."


(Sword of Light)

"A shining steel greatsword stamped with silver runes. The greatsword is emitting a faint blue glow. The item is lawful."

To get the SoL, you needed to acquire 4 gems used by different portals around Annwn. Whale, Sparrow, Panther and Dragon gems - the Dragon Gem was extremely rare. You also need 2 keys from an MA crit and the egg from the phoenix. Sounds like a big quest, doesn't it :). These items are traded to various NPCs for parts of the SoL. (+6)


"A heavy halberd with a massive blade."



"A heavy steel war hammer tipped with a foot-long spike."


(Thor's Hammer)

"A Huge hammer with a ponderous scarred head of iron. The haft is wrapped with strips of sky-blue leather and shod with an iron cap and steel ring. The item is emitting a faint blue glow. The item is lawful."

Found in the Rift Glacier gauntlet.

Mjolnir, The Hammer of Thunderbolts, had unlimited charges. It would sometimes cast a lightning bolt when it was thrown, always when fumbled and had a chance of just flying away when thrown and never coming back (it would vanish into the aether). The lightning damage from a throw was fairly mild, but a fumble could bring up to 500 damage. - DW.Sea

(Muramasa Katana)

"A finely crafted katana with ivory inlay."

Traded for ytrill on the first floor of the Torii Pagoda Quest. (+5)

(Masamune Katana)

"A sharp steel katana with a tapered blade with a hilt wrapped in a blue silk cord and decorated with small menuki."
(A sharp steel katana with a grained blade with the hilt wrapped in a blue silk cord and decorated with small menuki.)

The last item received in the Torii Pagoda Quest. Supposively a good blocker. (+6)


"A jagged lightning bolt made of steel."

Casts a lightning bolt when thrown. Found in 15 and 100 charge varieties?

"A bamboo longbow."

"A silver longsword with a moonstone in its pommel."



"A huge black mace."

Wielded by a troll on the Annwn surface. (+5)

(Titan's Maul)

"An enormous iron maul."

This weapon is wielded by Rift Glacier's Titan and is very, very heavy. Most likely it will encumber you to heavy or moderate. Un-beltable. (+5)


"A heavy steel morningstar."



"A long naginata with a gleaming golden blade. The naginata is emitting a faint blue glow."

Found on giants in the Torii mines. (+5)

(Ydmos' Scythe)

"A black scythe with a long curving blade. The scythe is emitting a faint blue glow. The item emanates evil!"

The Scythe was an evil aligned weapon that had great blocking and packed quite a punch. It was part of the AG Knight's Quest and was carried by Ydmos, the evil wizard who could only be defeated by the SoL. (+4)


"A wooden shovel. The shovel is emitting a faint blue glow." ?

Dropped by Smokey the bear towards the beginning of IoK. . (+4) (Staff Skill)

No Longer Available

"You are looking at a sickle with a wicked blade."
(Ulfang's Spear)

"A spear with a diamond head mounted on a shaft of blue light. The spear is emitting a faint blue glow. The item is lawful."

The Spear was a +7 lawfully aligned spear, which is very strong by LoK standards. The spear was incredibly hard to forge, requiring a spearhead and the shaft. The Shaft was a random find in Rift Glacier while the spearhead was in Lucy's lair, which made getting the spearhead a catch 22. The spear was needed to kill Lucy the Cloud Dragon. (+7)


"A bamboo staff."



"A crystal rod. One end is broken off jaggedly and a spiderweb of tiny cracks runs through the glass."

The shaft of the Ulfang's spear found randomly in Rift Glacier (Annwn?).


"A black, three-sectioned staff forged from steel."

Obtained in trade from an NPC as part of the Torii Pagoda Puzzle. (+4)


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