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[Written by Magnos]

(Download Hunter for graphical maps)

When you first portal into the Advanced Game, you will find yourself somewhere in the general vicinity of the town entrance. As soon as you arrived in the AG, buying HPs was a must. Even if you had 200 HPs, you would still need to buy some because the AG was very different from the BG.

The surface of Annwn was fairly vacant, with the remains of a destroyed town, and a tower of wizardry off to the east. West of the ruined town was a rope down a pit that lead to the new town, which was created after Ydmos attempted to steal the Sword of Light which resulted in the destruction of the town and of the sword itself.

A Makon Quest MA was located in the north west corner of the surface, and part of the Knight's Quest was in the south east corner.

The Tower of Wizardry, which dominated the eastern skyline was inhabited by an evil Draznian wizard who had tried to steal the Sword of Light from the town just to the west. The town was engulfed in fire when the SoL exploded as Ydmos tried to magically remove it from it's stone.

The dungeon could be entered from a couple stairways in the ruined town, and one in Ydmos' Tower.

The dungeon itself was quite a large complex, with various rooms and hallways making it easy to get lost. Ogres, Trolls, Orcs and other such critters ran free and were quite formidable foes. Also located on the first floor was Bwnglera, a hostage of the Yasnaki who needed to be rescured and brought to the sage. In return, you would receive the Black Flail.

In the southern part of the first floor was the entrace to the thievs guild, outfitted with it's own balm and recall sellers along with the usual assortment of trainers. There are also a set of stairs leading to the cellar of the ruined Tavern, which eventually leads to the surface and another leading into the Tower of Wizardry.

Descending to -2, you find yourself in the middle of a room with fires in each corner and hallways extending between each of them. Taking one of these halls would bring you to a large ring-like set of rooms that made up the dungeons square dimensions. This floor had alot of gem portals used for the various parts of the Sword of Light Quest. In the south east corner, a set of stairs led up to Anwen, a quest NPC. In the north east and west corners, stairwells descended down to the 2 lairs critters of Annwn.

The northwest stairwell lead to the Phoenix, whose egg was required as part of the Sword of Light Quest. The northeast stairwell descended to the Dragon, whose lair was right below the Phoenix's, making a fall from the upper lair to the lower lair extremely deadly. Also on the Dragon's floor was Rhiannon, a quest NPC for the SoL.

On the surface, just southeast of the ruined town is the portal complex to Torii.


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