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Rift Glacier
[Written by Magnos]

(Download Hunter for graphical maps)

Rift Glacier was the Axe Glacier of the AG. The Rift, as players called it, was the favorite hunting grounds of many an AG'er. This land had some great lair critters such as the Rift Drake, the Titan, and the infamous Lucy, the Cloud Dragon.

Portalling from the Torii portal complex landed you on a small island in the middle of a frigid lake. To the Northeast, a forgiveness ghost and to the southeast behind a ruined wall, the town. Inside the town, there was the usual town amenities and a very peculiar well behind a door.

Dropping down the well and behind a secret door was a small room. In the corner of this small room was a portalable/concussionable wall. Behind it, a cavern leading to a rope ladder. Climbing up the rope ladder lead you to what is known as the haunted mansion. Shades, shadows and other ghouls inhabit this area. The front door is locked, as any mansion's door should be, so you must pick it with a lockpick or use a key. Inside the house, there is a few rooms, a kitchen and a laundry. Upstairs you will find the Master bedroom.

Going downstairs into the basement, you will find 3 rooms adjacent to the central hallway. At the end of the hallway is a portal that requires a skull-shaped rock to activate it. The portal takes you behind the wall and infront of a shrine dedicated to Pazuzu. Should you be unlucky enough to be surrounded by a fog inside this room, may the Ghods have mercy on your soul! You will be transported to the inviso floor!

On the inviso floor, some walls are invisible causing you to get stunned should you run into them :) There are also a few portal hexes thrown in to further disorient you.

Should you happen to return to town alive, make your way along the edge of the lake and you will come to a rope ladder heading upwards. At the top is an immense glacier. Just to the east of the rope is a Knight Trainer. Travelling north along the glacier, you will come to some stairs going up.

At the top of these stairs, on the 80ft level, the glacier winds it's way to the east. You should be weary at this point, because a Titan, Drake and Dragon roam freely around the glacier. If you traverse the glacier directly north of the stairwell, you will come to a rope ladder. This rope ladder begins you on what may be a one-way journer. You encounter a griffin lair along the way, and come across Yasashii.Kaza, an MA NPC. The last set of stairs will bring you past the safety of your feather fall boots, you are now 5400 ft above the surface. To the southwest are 3 doors. Opening one of them may be your last, because behind it is Lucy the Cloud Dragon! But don't panic and jump, you won't survive the fall :) Inside the lair was the spearhead needed to forge Ulfang's Spear, which presented a catch-22 situation since the spear was needed to kill Lucy.

Back down on the glacier, if you continued westward you would find another rope ladder along the northern bank. The glacier continues on westward and stops in a small circular room. Climbing up the rope takes you to the Ice Bridge level. This floor was where the Maul-wielding Titan usually could be found, or should I say, finds you! The Titan likes to wander the glacier. Northeast of the top of this rope is another rope leading up the glacier. To the southwest of the rope you climbed up, is a rope leading to the Makon Quest Flute/Buddha areas.

If you travel south across the ice bridge, you will find a very large complex of caves covering most of this level. Just south of the bridge is a rope leading up to the Hoarde Level, usually home of the Rift Drake though like the Titan, the drake likes to wander.

Climb the rope northeast of the ladder leading up to this floor, you will find yourself on a small ledge overlooking the glacier. To the east, there is another rope and a little further past that is a very small area with some critters. Taking the rope upwards takes you to the 1400ft level. This floor is fairly small, with a few open areas and some walls. Northeast of the climb is a small building with a locker door. To gain access to the building, you will need to acquire a mirror. Inside the building is a portal that drops you down to the Crypt area.

At the bottom of the drop is a lawful spirit. If you walk north you will encounter numerous golems, Iron Wraiths and at the end Audreay.iii and 2 wights. At the end of the hallway, there is either a Thor's hammer or an NV helm. They regen randomly. Walking south past the lawful spirit is a drop that returns you to the 570' level.

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