There were numerous bosses in the AG. Some as easy as Daisy, and others make Mama look like a -1 Kobold.

Annwn Dragon: This dragon found in the lowest level of the Annwn dungeon was very similar to Daisy. Not to big a threat, and when skinned left some dragon scales. Just south of the Dragon's Lair was Rhiannon, a maiden who held a piece of the fractured SoL.

Phoenix: Found directly above the lair of the Annwn Dragon, the Phoenix guarded the maiden Ulluvia, part of the SoL quest. Didn't pack too hard of a punch, but needed magic weapons to hit. Would often knock you down into the Dragon's Lair.

Titan: Similar to the Axe Giant...but bigger. The Titan loved to smash you with his maul. Consequentially, when you killed him, you could take his maul and smash things with it.

Ydmos: The hardest boss in Annwn, and a very tough critter. This is the +evil wizard that destroyed Annwn town and broke the SoL in two breaking it's protective spell. Ydmos lived in the Tower of Wizardry in the NE corner of Annwn and carried the +Scythe, a powerful weapon desired by all evil PCs in the AG. Ydmos was guarded by his apprentices Audrey.iv and Audrey.ii, a thaum and wiz respectivily. Both Audrey's were invisible unless you were on their hex and loved to death and or icespear you. The Tower of Wizardry was a favorite hunting zone of me because of the tough crits to be found there. I always gave Ydmos a wide berth though.

Makon: I personally never faced the evil Makon. From what I heard he was quite the MA and loved to block all of your attacks. However, I never heard of anyone having a problem with him.

Lyndwyrm: A nasty little inhabitant. One of the few things I felt safe soloing, although it occasionally knocked me down for a nasty stun. It's lair was all sand so you couldn't run away. Reminds me of the leng sandserpent..but harder. It inhabited the upper level of Shukumei, and was part of the Knight's quest, although the Wyrms past it I thought were far worse.

Audrey.iii and the Gauntlet: Only a boss in the traditional sense. Not very hard, unless you counted the numerous Wights and Golems that beat on you while he deathed and kicked you. I never got through the so-called "gauntlet" alive since the Golems always sent me running.

Rift Drake: If memory serves, there was a drake that roamed rift glacier. But I can't recall if I ever ran into him or not.

Cloud Dragon: Lucy the Cloud Dragon lived in a small shrine found on the very summit of Rift Glacier. Vast treasures filled this shrine, and Lucy protected it very well. Lucy was invincible to all but Ulfang's spear, and even with Ulfang's spear it was if-fy. If Lucy didn't kill you, the fall from her lair as you fled her surely would, for the Cloud Shrine was about 6000 feet up, and even FF boots couldn't save you from that height.

+Serpent: The mighty Demon Lord Thisson. The worst crit in the entire game BG OR AG. Taking on Mama, the Axe Drake, and Yoric the Yeti all at once in a solo would be easier than taking on Thisson with 50 Djinni and figurines. I do not believe anyone ever soloed Thisson, although I heard rumors of it. Thisson could death you, hit you, slash you against the wall, and then if that killed you (which it would) he would swallow you down to the UW in the same round. (I know, cause that is where my AG knight currently resides.) Surprisingly, most of the stuff in his lair with useless with the exception of a Torc, and his corpse.