Weapons, Armor, and items


The Masamune Katana: My favorite weapon, and the one my Knight carried. A sharp steel katana with a tapered blade with a hilt wrapped in a blue silk cord and decorated with small menuki. A long and involved quest was necesary to aquire this item, which included climbing the pagoda of Torii and appeasing the Ghods of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The Masamune was a great blocking weapon, although sadly not blue glowing. I possesed one of the "old" Masamunes (old IoKers will know what I'm talking about) so I prefered the Masamune over my SoL.

The Murasame Katana: Part of the Masamune quest, you needed this katana to help you climb the pagoda.

Dragon Claw Gauntlets: Made out of the claws of the dragon, many non-MA's got these guantlets as they were the most powerful you could get. They were also part of the Masamune quest.

The Sword of Light: or SoL, as it is called, once protected all of the forest of Annwn. An ancient king had sunken it into a stone in the center of Annwn town, and from there it's power protected the town from evil. Until the day the archmage Ydmos appeared. Using his foul sorcery, he broke the SoL in two, and destroyed the town of Annwn making the townspeople flee to their current underground hideout. 4 young maidens were able to hide the pieces of the Sword of Light, but Ydmos imprisoned them: locking one in the dungeon torture chamber, sacrificing another to the whim of the phoenix, giving another to the dragon to toy with, and locking the last one in the top of a tower on a small desert island in the middle of a vast sea. In other word, getting the SoL was a bitch. But when you got it you knew why. Possibly the second most powerful weapon in the game, it could easily cleave Ydmos in two. I carried one, but only for bosses that required a blue glowing weapon.

Naginata: This blue-glowing weapon was a fairly decent slicing weapon, and like the BG halaberd, it had the ability to POKE from a distance.

Flail: The flail was part os the Knight's quest, and was a fairly decent blocking weapon although I hardly ever used it.

Maul: Carried by the Titan, this weapon was very powerful. Unfortunatly, it could not be belted and therefore you could not climb anything with it. My maul is currently in the sea somewhere off Morrigan's island since I couldnt climb her tower with it. Bad at blocking. Kinda like the Halaberd but blunt.

The +Scythe: From what I heard from my +friends, this was the best blocking weapon in the entire game. It was also blue glowing so allowed you to kill lots of things. To get it, you had to take it from Ydmos, who was loathe to give it up. Rumor had it that the +Scythe could never be blocked due to a permanant death spell cast on it. Unfortunatly, the +Scythe was evil, and therefore could only be used by evils.

Makon Gauntlets: The best weapon for MA's in the AG. Slightly better than the Crystal gauntlets, and a lot harder to get. Needless to say, you had to get them from the Makon, who did not like to give them up since they served as his hands.

Ulfang's Spear the Dragonlance: By far the most powerful weapon in the game, although highly unwieldly cause no one I knew who had one had any skill in it. This +7 spear was the ONLY weapon which could harm Lucy the Cloud Dragon. It was made from a Blue Crystal staff found in Annwn (and quite a powerful weapon in its own right) and a diamond spear head which was found only in Lucy's lair. Since you needed the Dragonlance to kill Lucy and get the Diamond spearhead, it kind of cancelled itself out. Although once killing Lucy, Ulfang's spear itself supposedly shattered. I never got one, although I had the blue crystal staff Lucy just wouldn't give me her diamond spearhead.


Cloud Dragon Scales: The scales of the Cloud Dragon were very pretty due to the rainbow hue within them. They were much better than Ice Scales, but not very common. Gave reasonably good protection against concussions, as well as almost immunity to fire and ice, and a large decrease in the effects of lava.

Serpent Scales: The hide of Thisson, once skinned, became the best armor in the entire game. The difference between Thissy scales and ice scales for example, was about as big as the difference between ice scales and troll hide. These gold and black scales gave excellent protection versus all elemental magic spells, and also prevented a lot of damage from hot lava.

Other Items:

+6 Shielders: or black glowers. These were just like +3 shielders in kes, but twice as powerful, and were distinquished by their large black glowing stone. With 8 of these on, your shield spell could block a dragon.

Menukis: Like gems, and highly valuable. However almost all menukis were