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Posted on: 09-15-03 19:08:53

Ahh, but how many know about the SECRET UNDERGROUND IOK BBS (bulletin board system) where +Dworkin and his cronies kept their replay files and other goodies?

And whatever happened to +Dworkin & co? Is he stalking some new land somewhere? Or on a beach sipping margueritas with his buddies after they made a mint on biotechnology stock options?

And what of Kelton & Crew? Rumor has it they still design games, and that IOK is locked down to avoid cannibalization of sales from other online games.

Last I heard, a diligent group of hackers was attempting to clone LOK, and there's an open source project to that effect posted on the internet somewhere.


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Posted on: 09-15-03 19:50:13

Yeah, the open source effort hasn't gone very far is my understanding. They tried to port some of it to the neverwinter nights engine with some success I believe.

Kenny was an amazing player. I think the most impressive IoK video EVER is when he walked in on Ydmos. Scythe versus Scythe. The video lasted forever with block upon block and +Dworkin getting down sub 10 hp range stunned more than once hehe.

Bk and his GS from daisy actually compelled me to drop my mojo and shovel off my knight and swing away with a GS proper.

Damn that game was awesome from the sheer trail-blazing aspect. I still remember my first character, Stagar or somesuch and walking into town. Saw this guy named Stealth and figured why not attack him. Hehe needless to say "You have been slain."

Then he tried to help me but I was such a newb I couldn't really even move around much.


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Posted on: 09-16-03 02:50:55

Speaking of IOK I can remember getting involved in what must have been one of the worst disasters to ever hit the game. A few months before the advanced game went on line, Ben put in three exrta levels to the basic kesmai dungeon. It was designed basically to keep draked players happy until the AG.

It was very difficult--ghouls who ate, invisible spirits who cast death and tough skeletons.
And it had an enticing sword in the stone quest.

I went down once in a group of maybe other 5 undraked players led by a draked player and we carefully took a tour of things. I believe that you jumped down a pit to 5 and had to find your way to a teleport on 7 to return.

A few weeks later I went with a similar group. Things went fine until we got to 7 and ran into a group of other players. Screen overflow followed and the spirits began to pick us off. I'm pretty sure that there were over 15 and maybe as many as 25 different players killed, many suffering multiple deaths with stripping. This went on for a couple of hours.

I remember returning the next day to where Lotus and others brought the death piles and sorting through huge piles of rings, shovel armor etc to get my gear.

And paying $6 an hour for the experience.


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Posted on: 09-16-03 11:30:28

hehe 12.50 on Thisson hunts ......

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