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[Taken from the LoK Help file V. 1.21b]


The Fighter's success is based entirely on prowess in physical combat. A Fighter advances more rapidly than members of other character classes, since, in addition to the loot they collect, fighters get direct experience for their kills. A Fighter character is recommended for beginners, as it is the simplest and most straightforward class.

While Fighters arrive in Kesmai with the weapons of their homeland, they generally can use almost any weapon. Like those of other occupations, Fighters can improve their combat ability through practice, and with training bought from the various trainers found in the town of Kesmai. Most Fighters arrive in Kesmai with leather armor, but may choose to use mail or plate armor later on, or armor made from the hide of a troll or salamander. Fighters of the eighth experience level or higher may seek Knighthood, which confers certain magical powers through the Ring of Knighthood.


Martial Artist

Martial Artists dedicate their lives to the perfection of their fighting techniques. They learn powerful methods of unarmed combat, doing as much damage with their bare fists as a Knight with a greatsword. As progress is made, Martial Artists learn the powerful kick and jumpkick attacks.

Since Martial Artists travel lightly encumbered, they tend to move rapidly, concentrating on outmaneuvering foes and using their skills to block an opponent's blows. Then, when an opening occurs, they use hands, feet and weapons to inflict damage on the foe. Martial Artists advance more slowly than Fighters, but their skills are deadly in combat.

Martial Artists generally avoid wearing armor of any type as it impedes their ability to block blows. However, troll leather sometimes is fashionable among lower level Martial Artists. Footwear usually is avoided also as it tends to lessen the amount of damage delivered by kicks or jumpkicks.



Because of their inherent neutral alignment, Thieves must sneak around to avoid attack by the Sheriff and his Knight-deputies. Special talents of disguise enable Thieves to appear lawful to everyone except Knights and advanced Thieves.

Thieves fight well and generally develop Martial Artist skills. Their ability to hide in shadows, remaining essentially invisible, allows Thieves to penetrate dangerous areas where few others dare go. Thieves also are able to cast a number of helpful magic spells, which serve to protect and assist them in their escapades.

Thieves are limited in their choice of weapons by the fact that large weapons, like greatswords and longbows, negate their ability to remain invisible. Likewise, metal armor will interfere with their hiding abilities.



Wizards use magic almost exclusively; they have no spells to improve their combat skills, and have little time to practice anyway. The spells of Wizardry range from opening secret doors to setting off explosions that can knock down walls and pulverize opponents.

The most common form of wizardry is altering the surrounding terrain through illusions, such as creating a door where none was before, or materializing an inferno or ice storm. Wizards advance primarily by killing chaotic and evil creatures with spells, since only rarely will a capable Wizard risk attacking a creature with a weapon.

Wizardry is a difficult discipline to learn, but is very powerful once the character attains a high level. Wizards generally maintain combat skill levels adequate to defend themselves in between magic spells, and all weapons categories are open to them. However, metal armor cannot be worn, as it will disable a Wizard’s capacity for casting spells.



Thaumaturges are warrior-priests. In addition to dispatching foes through physical combat, they call upon the might of the gods to act on their behalf, through the use of spells which can be as powerful as those of any Wizard. Some spells call forth phantasms and demons to fight along with the Thaumaturge, while other spells can bring down lightning, blind or poison foes, heal wounds and even raise the dead.

Thaumaturges advance in skill and rank when they kill with magic. They also must be competent with ordinary weapons, since the gods are sometimes unreliable. Thaumaturges have access to all weapons types and can wear whatever armor they choose to.

Thaumaturges also are capable of developing many powerful protection spells, which lessen or totally deflect spells cast by evil or chaotic opponents. A Thaumaturge of Priest level or higher commands great respect from other adventurers, due to the ability to raise the dead and cure the most grievous wounds.

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