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[Taken from the LoK Help file V. 1.21b]


Strength is a measure of how much weight your character can lift and carry, and how hard your character can hit in combat; strength also affects how quickly you use up stamina points when running or sprinting.

If your character's strength decreases through death and resurrection, your character will be able to lift and carry less weight and will become moderately or heavily encumbered more easily, thus opening the way for a faster loss of stamina when running or sprinting.

You may wish to seek out certain potions that restore lost strength. As your character advances in experience level, you may gain additional strength in combat (combat adds), which will increase your ability to penetrate an opponent's armor with a weapon and hit for greater damage.

Great strength is a key attribute for Fighters, and an important attribute for Thieves and Martial Artists. It is of lesser importance for Thaumaturges and Wizards, who can engage their foes from a distance with magic.



Dexterity determines how quickly your character can move to dodge or block an attacker's blow, and a character with a high degree of dexterity has a greater likelihood of landing a blow on an opponent. Dexterity can be hindered by wearing heavy armor or bulky clothing like a robe.

Dexterity is a key attribute for the Martial Artist, and is also important for Fighters and Thieves; it is of lesser importance for Thaumaturges and Wizards. As in strength, your character may accrue additional dexterity ability (combat adds) as your character advances, which will further aid in landing a blow on your opponent.



A high intelligence is necessary to understand and master the complexities of spell casting, especially in the field of wizardry. Therefore, intelligence is a key attribute for Wizards; it is also an important attribute for Thieves.

Intelligence is important for effective spell casting and for learning and using new spells. High intelligence is of little advantage in the non-magical world of Fighters and Martial Artists.



Great wisdom gives your character an intuitive understanding of the ways of the gods, and so is a key attribute for Thaumaturges, since success with the spells of Thaumaturgy depend directly on one's attunement with the gods.

Wisdom is of lesser importance to Fighters and Wizards, and of little use in the mundane world of Thieves and Martial Artists.



Constitution determines your character’s potential for earning hit points each time you advance an experience level. The greater your character’s constitution, the higher the potential number of hit points assigned with each “promotion.” Thus, a Level 7 Fighter with 16 constitution points may be assigned a higher number of hit points than a Level 7 Fighter whose constitution is down to 12 or 14.

Each time your character dies, your constitution is weakened through the loss of constitution points. If your constitution falls low enough (in the low single digits), the gods will deem you too weak for resurrection, and will dispatch you to Praetoseba, the Underworld, for rejuvenation.

Before that point is reached, you may elect to undertake a voluntary visit to the Underworld, where you may restore your constitution by completing the requisite quests. A limited number of constitution points may be regained by drinking a drake potion, though such a potion is not easily obtained.

[Stats below created by Catweazle]

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