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7th Realm Tips
[Written by the 7th Realm]

Command Line:

(Command string first then description will follow)

"cast at (crit name)" or "c at (crit name)" IE - "cast at troll"

This will cast the currently warmed spell at the troll. You can also use abbreviations like "cast at ban" for "cast at banshee" BUT BE CAREFUL with this because if someone nearby is named "BangenCrits"(made up name) then you may hit him/her even if his SD flag isn't toggled. The same goes for using the attack/fight command except that it will only hit them if on same hex. Using this command is also good for using the Heal Spell on someone who is knee deep in baddies. (NOTE: You can also use the Creature List to cast spells on crits or other players.)

"cast (spell) (radius) (path)" IE - "c fireball 1 n n"

In the example above, this produces a fireball only one by one in area, but four times as hot. Likewise, "cast fireball 3 s e e e" will form a fire ball that is five by five, but only one-fourth as hot. This is also the same with Icestorm

"fight (crit name)" IE - "fight hobgoblin" or "f hob"
"attack (crit name)" IE - "attack minotaur" or "attack min"

This uses whatever weapon is in your right hand to attack. If you use a RAxe/BBS combo like my Knight, then you can also use the following.

"throw axe at (crit name)" IE - "throw axe at orc"

I find this VERY helpful for the fact that you don't have to aim an saves wear and tear on the ol'mouse(and my fingers ). (AGAIN BE CAREFUL with the abbreviations)

"kick (crit name)" IE - "kick gargoyle" or "kick garg"
"jumpkick (crit name)" IE - "jumpkick gargoyle" or "jumpkick garg"

This comes in handy if your hunting on Serpent Level and you aren't carrying a blunt weapon for those gargoyles, you can use MA without have to free up your hands by using these commands.

NOTE: Using jumpkick will make you jump to the gargoyles hex if he is currently in a different hex.

"a" or "again"

This will repeat the last command entered into command line.


This will swap whatever you holding from one hand to the other. However, this cannot be performed if both hands are full.

"wield (weapon)" IE - "wield staff"

You can use this to take weapons from your belt. Thie weapon will be placed in your first free hand starting with your right hand.

"belt (weapon)" IE - "belt dagger"

This works just the opposite of wield.

"take (item)" IE - "take figurine" or "t figurine"

This will take an item on your hex. In this example, it would pick up a figurine that is on your hex and put it in the first available free hand.

"take 1 ring off left" or "t 1 ring off left"

This will take the first ring on your left hand off. So you would place your recall ring in the 1st position on your left hand if you use this syntax. Also, to make this easy to use, define it to a macroe for quick use(ie., define 1 "take 1 ring off left" and then to call it up type $1 in command mode)

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you use this, be aware that if your wearing gauntlets/gloves you will have to remove them first to make this work. Also, if you have anything in your right hand, you can't remove the ring until you empty it. So if you used "t 1 ring off right", then you would have to have your left hand empty. Before you try this PLEASE expierment with it first to make sure you get it right so you don't find out the hard way.

"take ring off right" - Takes first ring off right hand.
"remove ring" - Also takes off the first ring on your right hand.

"take (item) off" and "put (item) on" IE - "t robe off" or "put robe on"

This will remove and item. In the example, it would remove the robe and put in first available free hand. If you hands are full, it will not take off the robe. Also, using the "put robe on" would put the robe on in one of your hands(if there is one there of course).

"dump (item) on counter" IE - "dump gems on counter"

When you have a lot of rings, gems, and etc. to sell in your sack, you can use this command to dump all of them onto the counter at once.

"t gold on counter"

This is good if your planning on training with a lot of gold. So instead of moving the gold 125,000 coins at a time, you can use this command and it will force all of the coins on the counter to the floor (allowing you to push or have them carried by an phantasm).

"look at (name)'s amulet" IE - "look at Apothalypse.TSR's amulet"

This will allow you to look closer at an item on another character. Note that the " 's " must be added for it to work.

Stat Info:

STR - Affects how much you can carry and amount of hit damage with physical attacks.
DEX - Affects how often your hit and also think affects crits missing you.
CON - Affects hit gain when you level up. (definitely keep maxed if possible)
          - NOTE: If it falls too low your char will PERMANENTLY die.
INT - Affects mana gain when you level up for MU's and Wizards spell casting ability.
WIS - Affects Thaumaturge spell casting ability.
CHR - Supposedly inactive in game still but here are some of the possible "affects" I have heard of:
          - Creatures will tend to attack char with lowest charisma first.
          - Aids in finding more/better loot.

Use Caution with Area Affect Spells:

Don't use area affect spells over active figurines or Thaum's summoned Salamanders because they will assume this as a personal attack and then proceed to attack you! Also be careful not to use one of the more powerful area affect spells unless you know that no players or hiding thieves are near the vicinty.

Another thing to be leary of is there are some un-scrupulous players out there and may jump into your area spell to toggle the SD Flag so they can PK you without taking a mark.

Walking on bridges:

You can move up to 3 hexes at a time on bridges by manually selecting each hex one at a time and the double-clicking on the final hex.

Magic casting tactics:

Use safe areas like water to cast your spells from (don't cast lightning using path but instead direct it) and also for a safe spot to run to when your in trouble. -3 Pit area in Kesmai is a good spot and Serpent level in Oakvael is another good one after your character is in the higher levels (beware the Serpent and other NPC casters though).

Thaumaturges using Lightning:

Once you attain a high enough magic level, you may direct lightning bolts directly at a crit. For example, warm lightning and type "cast at orc" in command mode will cast a lightning bolt at the last orc to appear on the screen. Be careful with this because if that orc moves onto your hex, the lightning bolt will hit you and whoever else may be on the hex. One of the big advantages to this over casting Lightning using the GUI is that you can do this while in water without hurting yourself.

Thaumaturges with Summon Snake:

This is a VERY unused spell do to the fact that most snakes typically don't last long against crits. The reason being is you have to use very valuable objects to summon a decent snake, and most people don't want to risk loosing the valuable item. I have found that the Summon Snake can prove quite effective when used with large amounts of gold. I summoned a snake using 30k in gold and it easily held off the Oakveal Serpent while I raxed it to death.

Thaumaturges with Summon Phantasm Spell:

You can specify the phantom level on the command line. For example, "cast phantasm 6" will summon a level 6 Djinn with Icestorm.

Thaumaturges with Summon Demon:

Can't get the spell to work? Thats because its partially broke 8). To summon a demon as a thaum, warm the Summon Demon Spell, the in command mode type, "cast at (demon name)". You can however, still summon demons(as any class can), without using mana by useing the chant or just the demon name in command mode. Drawback is that if you use the latter method, it's harder to get the demon to arrive and also to arrive LAWFUL.


Here is a list of demons and their capabilites:

Samuael - An amoral demon, always lawful. Can be used for training and to critique.
Perduarbo - An amoral demon, always lawful. Can be used for training and to critique.

Glamdrang - A ghoul, in Leng, will come up as a powerful troll.
Pazuzu - Casts Stun then Death Spell along with Hide.
Lazsu - Casts Stun then Death Spell.
Thamuz - Casts Lightning.
Damballa - Casts Stun, Death, and has a Snake Staff.

Azmodeus - Casts Whirl Wind / Demon that exists but is not summonable.
Azazael - ???

NOTE: All demons summoned in Leng come up EXTREMELY powerful and with about three times as many HPs so use extreme caution if you summon them in Leng.

Thaumaturges with Phantoms/Djinn:

Djinn make a good decoy when fighting crits(Phantoms die to quickly and if your gonna summon something for same mana spent, why summon a whimp?). For example, I use Djinn to take the brunt of Ydnac the Evil Thaums spells. After he casts his first spell at my Djinn, I can safely move in and attack him. I usually use a tiger also to get him moving around so that he doesn't have time to warm any more spells. They also make good decoys with other crits like Daisy, Cecil, Kosh, etc.

Thaumaturges with Salamander:

Unlike the Djinn, the salamander is not very smart therefore very difficult to control, if even possible. So far, the best use I have found with them is to use them to stir up or distract creatures while I pick them off.

NOTE: In order to get rid of a salamander you have to kill them or use the Banish Spell. Salamanders are not too smart so they will not obey commands such as begone, follow, & etc.

Summon Phantasm Levels & Differences:

Well, I went and did some basic testing with phantoms/djinn and here is what I found:

Level/Armor/3rd Dan Bare Handed Punch/Level 16 Curse(around 64HPs)
(number of hits and curses his how many it took to kill this level Phantasm)

1 Phantom/Suit of Leather Armor/1 Hit/1 Curse
2 Phantom/Suit of Leather Armor/1 Hit/1 Curse
3 Phantom/Suit of Leather Armor over Leather Armor/2 Hits/1 Curse
4 Phantom/Suit of Leather Armor over Leather Armor/2 Hits/1 Curse
5 Phantom/ChainMail over Leather Armor/average 2-3 Hits/2 Curses
6 Djinn/IronBreastPlate and Greaves over Suit of Leather Armor/average 3 Hits/2 Curses
7 Djinn/IronBreastPlate and Greaves over Suit of Leather Armor/average 3-4 Hits/2 Curses
(although after 1st curse, Djinn was not at near death like levels 5 & 6 but at badly wounded)
8 Salamander/4 Hits/3 Curses/2 level 14 Ice Spears
9 Efreet/Not Tested Yet
10 Efreet/Not Tested Yet

NOTE: There was alot more blocks by armor(of course) on levels 5-8.


1-5 Phantoms / No Spells
6 Djinn / Ice Storm
7 Djinn / Concussion
8 Salamander / Fireball
9 Efreet / WhirlWind
10 Efreet / DragonsBreath - Fire

The knight Agate Quest:

Have some high level chars escort you and bring Daisy to near death, then jump in to get the killing blow. Or gather together several(at least 4) knights needing the 1st knight quest and all go after her at once.

Quick return:

Take an extra recall ring with you wherever you hunt and when your ready to return, set the second ring at a safe spot (preferrably in water) and then you can recall back to the area quickly.

Know the area you are hunting:

Download and print out the maps that are in my resources area. They are in Word 7.0 format. If this is a problem, let me know and I'll convert them to the format you need.

Drinking balms (healing potions):

You can drink a balm in several ways:

1) dragging the balm to your charcter on the hex from the bag or from your hand;
2) dragging the balm to the character picture;
3) holding the balm in your left hand and opening it (this actually drinks it faster then normal because you have it open; but if you walk in water it will ruin the balm and make it useless);
4) dragging the balm to your character select button (this seems to be the best way in my opinion).

Keep a DP (Drake Potion) in your Locker:

By keeping a DP on hand, if you character gets killed, you can drink it to restore your constitution points. Your gain of hit points as you level is directly related to your constitution. For example, if you level up with only 16 cons, you won't get as many extra hit points as you would have if you level up with an 18 cons.

Know if your HPs are maxed:

Don't drink a DP if your characters hit points are maxed (unless you need to raise your cons) because it won't add any HPs. Type "SHOW STATS" in command mode and if it says, "You are below your greatest hits", then you can still gain hit points by drinking it.

Marital Artist:

From what I've read and expierenced, the less armor you have, the faster you gain skill in MA(and the better your MA abilites work). Kill a griffin and take it to the tailors to have a vest made out of it. The griffin vest will also give you blind immunity.

Put up a Radar!?:

While you are searching corpses you will be very vulnerable if you don't know if crits are coming. To make searching safer, you can select the character list while you are searching the corpses so you can see when any crits enter your area.

Hunting Oakvael Serpent:

Trap the serpent in one of the secret rooms by the stairwell to Troll Temple. That way once you have wounded the serpent enough, he can't get away from you.

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