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Skills and Starting out Each Profession:

This is the specific info on developing skills and starting out with each profession in the game. This provides information on how to start out in each profession, and what goals to aspire to as you gain experience and skill with your character. Please remember that this is just my opinion, but I hope you think this is good advice. If you are in doubt, do it for yourself! :)


The first thing a Fighter should get is a good sword, probably a Greatsword. As soon as you can, get a BBS(Black Broadsword), which is a +4 Broadsword that is the weapon of choice for many. As soon as you can also, get your Knight's Ring to be able to cast spells and gives you the ability to complete the Agate Quest, which gives you another 37 HP. Then, when you reach higher level, complete the Halberd Quest, and you will get another 17 HP. Many knights also get a returning weapon of some kind, usually a Returning Axe. For info on the Returning Axe Quest.

Martial Artist

Martial Artists do not usually develop skill in any weapon at all, rather they always spend their time honing their Hand to Hand skills. Most Martial Artists consider it their first goal to reach black belt, after which they usually set out on the difficult quest of getting the coveted Crystal Guantlets, that are +4. After MAs get these gauntlets, they become deadly adversaries, and keep honing their skills and going up in ranks of black belt, until they finally reach the Sash levels of skill, in which they become stronger than knights can be from a distance. MAs do not need to learn any spells or concentrate on weapons, so they develop skills fairly quickly.


Thaumaturges, since they are crosses between fighters and mages, usually also develop a skill in a weapon, probably a BBS, and then when they reach higher level they also gain skill levels in a returning axe. Thaums currently have no quests that they can complete like the knights can(hint hint Kesmai), so they can spend a lot of time working on their spell skill, because Thaums want to learn the death spell, and then the Ressurect spell as soon as possible. I personally also recommend getting a respectable level in a Raxe, so then when magic runs out from creating djinns you have a reliable weapon to back you up.



Thieves, even when they are at a relatively low level, set out to kill the Doom.Orc and get his prized +4 crossbow. For more information on the Doom.Orc, check out the Lair Monsters Section . After they get this, they keep acquiring skill levels in their thievely spells and crossbow expertise, until eventually they become expert thieves that are able to hide so well and shoot so accurately they can take on huge lair monsters such as the Yeti without even worrying about getting hurt. Thieves are a Knight's best friend when it comes to completing the Halberd Quest.


Wizards usually do not develop a particularly high spell in any weapon, because they spend all of their time researching spells so that they can reach the levels necessary for such devestating spells as Ice Spear and the Ultimate spell Create Lava. Wizards generally prefer to use as many spells as they can before resorting to using physical combat to defeat their enemies. Because this is the case, and wizards have lower hit point levels, I recommend developing skills in a returning weapon so that they do not get pounded to death by hordes of crits. Wizards greatest tools are area spells, in that they can take out entire hordes of crits with one spell.


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