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Summoning Demons

[Written by JadeFist]

A list of Demon names follow, though it's possible for a particular Demon to be busy with someone else and not appear when summoned. It is also possible for certain ones to not be available in one, or more, of the Kesmai lands. (See lower in document for Demon attributes)



To summon Demons, utter the Demon chant:
(I've also successfully summoned demons by just entering their name in command line and hitting the RETURN key)
Thaumaturges warm your SUMMON spell, but do not cast it. Instead, speak as follows:
SUMMON <demon name>
To call forth the servants at the demon shrines:
You will find the above chant on a Kesmai altar if you do a look around.
This is the chant for Samael's altar. (the wrong chant used to be on his altar, not sure if it's fixed)

The trainer demons won't accept any controlled creature commands and they presently only train to very low skill levels.

You can not summon Demons in any area that is well lit, such as towns where you will change alignment if you cast certain magic spells. If you try to summon them in the wrong place, and are lawful, you will turn neutral and the attempt will fail.

When an evil Demon is summoned, and appears, will have a contest of wills with your character. It will either be charmed where you can issue it some limited control orders, or it will attack you. In either case you will get a lecture from the Demon about the foolishness of your actions <G>. A non-charmed Demon will usually stick around for a bit, possibly attacking others before returning to Hell.

Demons may respond to the following parser commands:

All commands must be preceded by the Demons name, comma, and a space.

You must be a certain level to have any success at summoning a Demon. If anyone else has summoned a particular Demon, you will get a message that the Demon is busy. If one is killed it goes through a regen delay.

(Info From: Amber<loksupport.kesmai.com>, Newsgroups: kesmai.openbeta.legends.general, Date: Thursday, September 12, 1996 13:42)

*Note - It has been reported than Demons have been recently updated so the summoner will receive marks for any deaths incurred from the summoned Demons actions.

[Below courtesy of: Diogenes.EoT]

Pazuzu - This demon is the biggest of the lot. He is worth 6400+ experience points when killed. He will try to stun you with his first spell, then will cast death spells. He is sometimes called because of the flame staff he often carries. He has been referred to as "Pazuzu's Flame Staff Delivery Service" by some of the players. Pazuzu doesn't always carry the flamestaff. He does in Leng.

Lazsu - This demon is Pazuzu's little brother. He acts exactly like Pazuzu, but has weaker spells, and usually carries a snake staff. He is worth 3200+ experience when killed.

Glamdrang - This demon is a ghoul. As such, when he kills you, he will eat you. He carries coins and a bone. No use has yet been found for the bone, other than as a mediocre weapon. Like all ghouls, he can only be seen when you are next to him, or one space away.

Damballa - This demon is unusual in that it casts snakes. Aside from that he is much like all the others. Chaotic demon (in hell). Other distinguishing features is that he too carries a snake staff and will cast DEATH along with CREATESNAKE. He will sometimes wear a vest made from the sparkling scales of a huge snake. When fighting this demon you can be "blocked by a tentacle".

Thamuz - Thamuz will attack with lightning then close in to fight with tooth and claw. Next to Glamdrang, Thamuz has the fewest hps. When fighting this demon you can be "blocked by a wing".

Samael - Amoral demon. He can not be killed and will train only Thaumaturges up to around Capable skill level.

Perdurabo - Amoral Demon. He can not be killed and trains all classes, except Thieves. It is rumored that he will train other evil characters also.

Asmodeus (rumor has it he casted Whirlwind) and Azazael were removed due to player abuse.

Here are the modifications...

First, demon's powers vary from land to land;they are most powerful in Leng. Demons are also much more difficult to control in Leng.

Demons are quirky in Leng. They are much more powerful. Glamdrang turns into a slow axe-wielding troll. The Amoral demons like being away from hell so much that they don't leave until reset. In Leng, Pazuzu has almost as many hp's as Daisy.

Exert from Shadow's Journal of Demons


Today I summoned Samael.. Twas a rather helpful entity I must say, very versed in assessing the skills of mortals.. I learned much from him, about my own skills, and how to better them.. This demon's name need only be called to summon him, although I have found that sometimes.. He is busy, and cannot arrive when asked, but when out on a long journey, far from a town... tis worth the wait to hear the wisdom of this demon.


I had heard tales of a demon who would actually train mortals in many areas.. I had not believed it until I was able to summon Perdurabo one fine day. He was pleasant enough, and agreed to train me in my various skills.. For a fee of course, I guess not even demons work for free, he is however not very patient, and will not teach beyond a certain point.. I assume he would consider it a waste of time.. But for questing apprentices, he may prove useful for some field training when away from town.. Simply speak his name.


A truly awe inspiring Demon.. This Creature embraces the ways of my own profession.. Thaumaturgy! His name appeared to me while I was on the doorstep of death.. Under the harmful spells of wraiths, and delirious from pain.. I called the name.. and behold! a mighty demon appeared.. and the scent of sulfur and brimstone filled the air, as the demon smote my enemies with bolts of lightning, I was near death.. but safe.. the demon vanished as quickly as he appeared.. without a word.. I have since called upon him from time to time.. but do not wish to wear out my welcome.. call this demons name.. and he can follow you for a short time, or attack a foe specified by you.. but be warned, he will vanish after the task is done.

BEWARE . those of weak will, or naught of faith, read no further.. for the demons about to be mentioned are NOT of the friendly persuasion.. and may possibly even slay you on sight for summoning them.


This demon is strange, as sometimes it appears as a raging beast.. hurling stun bolts and then wreaking havok with powerful death spells, and sometimes.. as that of its summoners alignment..if of your alignment (noted by the creatures visible aura) he will follow you and perform one task before vanishing.. if of the more sinister persuasion.. he will attack all targets in sight until everything is dead. Be wary of this demon.


I witnessed this creature summoned once. it is always of a destructive nature.. similar to Pazuzu.. but noticeably weaker.. it attacks on sight with stun and death spells.. of which I am glad to say.. I am resistant to some degree, and thankfully.. I had more powerful spells at my disposal, and I was able to vanquish the beast from whence it came without much injury.. but the sting of its spells linger still.. although a weaker demon, can still do harm to the unwary.


Easily the most fearsome beast I have seen, this demon attacks with crippling physical attacks, spells, and summons hordes of venomous snakes! only the strongest of will should attempt to survive an encounter with this Spawn of Hades. I myself had to flee, lest I be food for his foul serpents, on another note.. of the few serpents I managed to slay.. they crumbled into gold! I am assuming that a fountain of wealth can be obtained from this demon, should you be able to withstand its assaults.


I know nothing of this demon.. every attempt I have made to summon it, has failed. I shall continue my research, and let you all know my findings as soon as possible.

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