Underworld Quests - Quick Summary

Stomach Quest
   Train with Osiris (main temple, west). All quests end with Imhotep.
    1) Tiger quest
      a) Get tiger (far east along north bank of river then south-east across the 
         narrow bridge)
      b) Lead tiger to Horus (main temple, south)
      c) Take amulet to Isis (main temple, north)
    2) Anhk quest
      a) Train with Tiy (north side of river, travel east, then up first alley 
         north, past Cleopatra, through door to the east).
      b) Take anhk to Nepherteri (north of Tiy to water, then north-west and into 
         her lair) and train
    3) Key Quest
      a) Train with Khenty (first temple on south bank of river travelling east) and 
         take key.
      b) Give key to Thutmose (north of temple as far as water, then west until you 
         see water branch north, follow the water north and turn sharp east, he is 
         behind the door) and train
   Train with Imhotep (main temple, north) – same end to all versions of the quest
Intestines Quest
   Train with Anubis (first temple, north bank of river, travelling east)
    1) Bow quest
      a) Get bow by killing archer or picking up (far east along north bank of river 
         then south-east across the narrow bridge) – same area as tigers
      b) Take bow to Neith (far east along north bank of river, just north of river 
         bank) and train
    2) Crocodile quest
      a) Have lawful crocodile follow you (usually in the swamp at the far east end 
         of the south bank of the river)
      b) Lead crocodile to Sobek (temple in the centre of the river).
      c) Put skull on his hex and train.
      d) Train with east nymph (south-east of swamp) or west nymph (south bank of 
         river – south-west of Sobek) as ordered and take whale gem.
      e) Take gem to Nehebku (main temple, south) and train
Lung Quest (have portal gem and lightwand ready)
   Train with Khnumeri (far east along north bank of river, south across river to island 
   with climb down, down, north across river, north-west from riverbank behind two 
   secret doors). 
   Train with Cleopatra (north side of river, travel east, then up first alley north) and 
   wear boots – note whether Montu or Pekhet to be visited. Open secret door in tomb 
   (about 10 hexes east of Cleopatra along north riverbank). Open secret door in north-
   east corner.
   Pass though outdoor area and open secret door to the east. Holding portal gem (round 
   red gem) stand on southern hex behind secret door
    1) Pekhet
       Follow all stairs going up. Jump into air hex at top of last stairs. Put boots on 
       Pekhet’s hex and train.
   2) Montu
      a) Jump into first air hex travelling east. This is Montu’s area.
      b) Put boots on his hex and train. Take the birch wand. Jump in fire to die
      c) Keeping wand in hand go to Kephri (north of temple as far as water, then 
         west until you see water branch north, follow the water north. Kephri is 
         north-west of here). Train once you catch a sight of Kephri.
Liver quest
   Train with Sekmet
   Train with Ra (upstairs behind Osiris in main temple) or Nefertem (one temple west of
   Sekmet) as instructed. Both give the same quests.
    1) Ptah
      a) Train with Ptah (far east on lower level)
      b) Train with Thoth (room at the back of the main temp, accessed from outside)
    2) Cobra (you may need light wand)
      a) Have cobra follow you (try Ra or Nepherteri for cobra)
      b) Take cobra to Re.Harakhti (down rope in swamp at the far east end of the 
         south bank of the river, follow passage north west, north through the last 
         two dark hexes, follow water north, north again to Re.Hak).
      c) Put snake scales on his hex and train
Leave underworld. Follow the yellow brick road (far east along north bank of river, 
north-east of Neith). Double click on the portal to exit.

The Praetoseba Quests in Detail
Before attempting the quests, download some maps. They are necessary unless you want to 
do a lot of work. They may have minor errors, but nothing to worry about.
   <name>, TRAIN		to get offer of a quest
   <name>, YES		to accept it
   <name>, TRAIN		to get items or info during quest
           Note: you can use just the first three letters of the 
           NPC's name instead of typing the whole thing out.  i.e. 
           IMH, TRAIN instead of IMHOTEP, TRAIN (some of 
               		these names are really funky)
   PET <critter>          	to get critter to follow you
   <critter>, FOLLOW      		ditto
   <critter>, CLIMB UP    	for stairs and climbs when critter is following you
   <critter>, CLIMB DOWN  		ditto
General Notes

Before you go to the underworld, it is important to know what a trip there will do for
you. Firstly it will add or restore up to eight points of constitution, to a maximum
of eighteen. If, after your trip the Praetoseba, your constitution is not fully restored
and second trip will certainly take you back to your maximum. Secondly, skills lost
through death will be restored, up to a maximum of about two levels. This applies to
all skills and as with constitution, a second or subsequent trip will restore further
skill until your reach your previous maximum. Thirdly, you will emerge with your age
reset to very young. Finally, any Karma points will be removed at rate of one per trip
to Set the forgiver. Karma point removal is not optional as you may not return to the
land of the living until all of these have been removed. Performing the underworld
quests will NOT restore lost hit points.

One important note on getting to the underworld.  Assuming you have not been eaten, the 
fastest way to get to the underworld is to use the portal located in the graveyard. Each 
segment has a graveyard and a portal. 

If you have been resurrected by the Ghods and find you need to go to the underworld to 
restore skill levels and constitution points, go to your locker and store all your 
belongings that you want to save.  Then go to the graveyard and use the portal. This 
portal can not be activated by double clicking the portal hex. NEVER use the Shrine of 
Tranquility for a routine trip to the underworld! The Shrine of Tranquility is strictly a 
ONE-WAY trip, used when you want to re-roll a different character and want to retain the 
experience and ancestor one character tied weapon.  There have already been several cases 
where someone used the Shrine to get to the underworld and were VERY unhappy when they 
found out they weren't going to come back.  The Kesmai Corp. can not help you if you 
enter the underworld using the shrine of Tranquility. 

There are four quests that have to be completed, assuming you have no karma points, 
before you can leave the underworld.  If you have one or more karma points you need to 
have these forgiven first.  The karma quest is covered at the end of this guide.  After 
the final quest is completed you go to the exit portal which is located at the extreme 
northeast end of the underworld.  Double-left-click on the portal to return to the land 
of the living.

When requesting a quest or performing it, there are only four things that can happen.

    1. The NPC will tell you to go see someone else (another NPC)
    2. The NPC will drop something and tell you to take it to someone else.
    3. The NPC will tell you to lead an animal to someone else. 
    4. The NPC will tell you he/she can't help you, or you should see someone else 
       first, in which case you are talking to the wrong one.

To deal with chaotic or evil critters, the best thing is to walk away.  Almost all the 
critters in the underworld are slow moving and slow reacting, with the exception of the 
ice dragon, who can hit you with an ice storm as soon as it sees you.  The skill and 
experience gains in the underworld are negligible, so it simply is not worth your time to 
start a fight in most cases. You may have to kill a few critters in order to get some 
objects (e.g. spirits sometimes yield light wands, sandwyrms can have portal gems and the 
archer has the bow).

The fastest way to travel from anywhere in the underworld back to the temple is by 
killing yourself.  Unlike the regular game, anything you are holding in your hands when 
you die, will go back with you. Since death is irrelevant in the underworld, you can save 
much time by drowning yourself or walking into fire.

When you first get to the underworld you will find yourself on a grassy plain. If you go 
south past the seer, you will go through a gate where sandwyrms like to play.  You CAN 
get a portal gem here (round red gem), but don’t worry if you do not, as they can usually 
be found lying around or by killing a sandwyrm.  Each time you die you will return to the 
temple, near Osiris. To make it easier to stay alive, it can be useful to get a shield 
ring which can be found in a rat infested cellar, behind a secret door just west of the 
northernmost front stair hex. You will need a light wand to see in the cellar, but there 
is usually a spirit close by which will yield a wand when slain. Don’t bother trying to 
fight the rats - just run in and grab the ring.
Osiris - Stomach Quest

1. Lead a suitable pet to my son. (Tiger Quest)

Go to north-east end of underworld, over rope bridge to area by the ice dragon. There are 
usually two tigers roaming the area. One major complaint from players is that tigers are 
not always around. This is oftem because there are a lot of chaotics there. If there are 
no tigers, spend some time killing as many chaotics as you can. This will increase the 
survival time of the tigers when next they regenerate. Say 'Tiger, follow me' and lead 
him back to Horus in the temple. Chaotic critters will try to kill the tiger as you lead 
it back to the temple. A good tip to avoid this problem is to lead two tigers, which 
increases the odds of one of them surviving the trip. If you do this, in the interests of 
good manners, only send one of them up the temple stairs. The other will wander back home 
and be available to other players.  When the tiger sees Horus he will bow his head and 
drop a tiger figurine.  Take the figurine and give it to Horus (drop it on his hex) and 
say 'Horus, train'. Horus will drop an amulet and tell you to take it to his mother, 
Isis. Give the amulet to Isis and say 'Isis, train'.  Isis will give you her blessing and 
send you to see Imhotep.  Go to Imhotep and say 'Imhotep, train' and she will grant you a 

2.  Get an Anhk from one who was queen.

Go to Tiy, who is on the north side of the river just north of Cleopatra.  Say 'Tiy, 
train' and she will drop an Anhk and send you to Nepherteri, I who is in a cave to the 
north. Give the Anhk to Nepherteri, she sends you to Imhotep back in the temple. Drown 
yourself to get there. Imhotep gives you a stomach.

3.  Go inquire of the locksmith. (Key Quest)

Go to Khenty who is located just to the southeast of the temple entrance.  Khenty will 
give you a key and tell you to go see the magician, Thutmose. Give the key to Thutmose 
and Thutmose will tell you to see Imhotep.  Imhotep gives you a stomach.

Anubis - Intestine Quest

1.  Take a special bow to the goddess of the hunt. (Bow quest)

Go to the same area where the tigers are found and in the extreme southeast corner there 
is a chaotic NPC archer.  Kill the archer and take the bow to the goddess of hunt, Neith.  
Neith will grant you intestines. Sometimes you can't find the archer and are stuck.  This 
can be because another player came through recently and killed him, or he may have 
wandered in front of the dragon lair and been killed by the Ice Dragon.  You might try 
switching facets to see if the Archer is available there. Sometime you can find the bow 
by standing in the hex northeast of the dragon lair entrance and typing 'look west'.  If 
you see it lying there, you can try and grab it before the dragon kills you. 

One time saving hint for doing these quests.  If you are sent to find a tiger by Osirus, 
you can also go kill the NPC and take the bow too. When you finish with the quest given 
by Osirus, go see Aunubis next. When you see Anubis, the odds are about 50/50 you will 
get the bow quest, in which case you are ahead of the game and can go directly to Neith.

2.  Lead a lawful crocodile to the god of the river (Croc Quest)

Go to the swamps in the south part of the underworld and find the lawful crocodile.  Say 
‘croc, follow' and lead him north to the river. I have found that the crocodiles seem to 
vary in their ability to keep up with you. It can useful to lead two and simply lose the 
slower one my moving three hexes for a couple of rounds. Sometimes, a crocodile simply 
refuses to follow you. If this happens, just wait until he hisses and looks at you 
plaintively, then try again. In the middle of the river is a small island with Sobek's 
temple. There are two things to watch out for here.  First is you don't want to get in a 
fight with the chaotic crocodiles.  Second is you REALLY don't want to get in a fight 
with the chaotic hippos in the river. They only need one bite to send you back to the 
temple. When the crocodile sees Sobek, he will bow his head and drop a bear skull.  Give 
the skull to Sobek and Sobek will send you to one of two river nymphs.  One nymph is in 
the southeast swamp and the other is at the south edge of the river, behind some 
impenetrable shrubbery and must be accessed from the river. The nymph will give you a gem 
to take back to Nehebku, who will grant you intestines.

Khnumeri - Lung Quest

Khnumeri is found on the second level of the underworld.  You have to go through the 
unlit caverns next to the waterfall to get to her.  For inexperienced underworld 
explorers a light wand in essential. To reach her without a light wand you will need a 
set of up to date maps or extensive knowledge of the area. Two secret doors later and 
you’re there.

1.  Seek the most beautiful woman, she will give you lightness.

Go to Cleopatra, who will give you feather fall boots and tell you to see either the one 
who rules from beneath the tomb, or the one who lies beneath the tomb.  The entrance to 
the tombs is east of Cleopatra  through the secret door in the Sphinx.  You will need a 
portal gem and a crystal (light) wand.

A. If you are told to see the one who rules from beneath the tomb, you need to see 
Pehket.  You go through two more secret doors and one teleport.  Climb up 2 flights of 
stairs and at the top jump to the west air hex.  The drop will put you in front of 
Pehket.  Remove the boots and give them to Pehket.  Pehket will grant you lungs.

B. If you are told to see the one who lies beneath the tomb, you need to see Montu.  
After the teleport into the tomb and before the stairs up to Pehket, there is an air hex 
to the south.  Jump into this hex and the drop will put you into Montu's half of the 
tomb.  Go to Montu, remove the boots and give them to him.  Montu will give you a birch 
wand to take to Kephri. Kephri lives in the NW corner of the upper level. Beware the 
demon that is near the entrance to Kephri. Kephri can be found at the northwest corner of 
the underworld by the headwaters of the sacred river.  Give the wand to Kephri and he 
will grant you lungs. There is a chaotic demon at the entrance to Kephri's area to deal 
with.  The best way to deal with him is to run.  In order to run, you need your stamina 
at its max.  The area from the water to Kephri is all dense forest, which will use up 
stamina, so it's a good idea to rest up before you make the final dash past the demon. 
You don’t have to be on Kephri’s hex to finish the quest – just type ‘Kep, train’ the 
second you have a view of her. One good way at cheating at this is that when Kephri 
blesses you she does not take the wand.  Take the wand back and hide it somewhere just in 
case you find yourself back in the underworld.  You will not have to see Montu or get the 
boots from Cleopatra.  Just take the Wand directly to Kephri.  You can get the boots if 
you wish.  This will enable you to swim down the waterfall instead of taking the ladder 
down to level 2. This can save a lot of time going back and forth between the two levels. 
If you find the demon simply impossible to get past (this can happen if he is badly 
positioned), go back to Khnumeri and seek the quest again. When you go to Cleopatra a 
second time, chances are that she’ll send you to Pehket rather than Montu.

Sekmet - Liver Quest

1. The god Ra shall be your guide.

You go to the Temple of Ra, which is located above Osirus.  Ra has two quests that he can 
give you.
A. Seek the wisdom of Ptah.  Ptah is located below the cataracts in the southeast corner.  
Ptah will give you a blessing and send you to see Thoth. Thoth is located at the rear of 
the main temple, under Osirus. Thoth will grant you a liver.

B. Take a cobra to Re.Harakhti (Cobra Quest).  This quest can be a real pain IF you get 
the wrong cobra.  Generally speaking the cobra that you see by Ra is going to be a loser.  
Most of the time the snake will move one hex every round, sometimes one hex every other 
round!  Once again, it can be helpful to pick up several cobras and stick with the 
fastest one. Since Re.Harakhti is located in a cave under the cataracts, this quest can 
take forever with a slow snake. If you exit the temple and go northwest along the side of 
the temple, there often is another cobra hiding behind the grates under the temple.  More 
often than not, this is also a much faster snake too.  I had a cobra from this area that 
moved three hex every round and had no trouble keeping up with me. The route down to 
Re.Harakhti also can drag things out.  There is a little known pit that can be climbed 
down to Re.Harakhti's cave, located on the south bank of the river just east of the river 
nymph. This is much shorter route than going across the north shore and swimming to the 
climb down by the cataracts. This is another area where you might want a crystal (light) 
wand, since these caves are in darkness.  However, if you have good maps, you can do 
without the light, since the cobra can see fine in the darkness. Lead the cobra to 
Re.Harakhti.  When the snake sees Re.Harakhti it will bow its head and drop a set of 
snake scales.  Take the scales to Re.Harakhti and she will grant you a liver.
2.  Inquire of my brother.

Go to Nefertem, who is located in another temple just to the west of Sekmet. Nefertem has 
the same choice of quests as Ra, described above.

The Karma Quests

Karma points are incurred when you kill any lawful human, either a real player or NPC 
(computer operated human characters).  This can happen sometimes by accident, mostly by 
people using area spells like ice storms, fire, nitro, javelins (lightning), etc.  Since 
balls, javelins and wands are common, this can happen to anyone, not just wizards and 
other magic users. Also, there are times when the Ghods have a rather bizarre sense of 
humor and generate NPCs with stats and hits so low, a good sneeze would kill them.  This 
is especially true for the beggars and other nuisance NPCs, which leads up to the 'not 
accidental' deaths, since there are some incredibly annoying NPCs in the game. The 
preferred way to get rid of a karma point is to take a tiger figurine to the nearest 
ghost in the land of the living.  The ghost will remove one karma hit for each figurine 
you give it.  However, at this point figurines will not do you much good.

Being Forgiven - One Karma point

You will enter the underworld from the usual place.  You should make you way to the 
temple of Set. There you will meet three demons that stand along the three secret doors 
leading to Set.  The best advise I can offer here is to keep moving, don't try to fight 
them.  When you finally get to Set, say 'Set, train' and he will forgive you and remove 
one karma point.  You will then be teleported to the pit, ready to get the next point 
forgiven.  If you only had one karma point, you can then step into any fire and when you 
die you will go back to the main temple by Osirus.

Being Forgiven - Two or Three Karma points

Getting the first karma hit forgiven is the same as the preceding section.  If you have 
more than one Karma hit, the next one(s) will be much tougher to remove. There are three 
parts to returning to Set to get the next karma hit removed.  From the pit you have four 
climbs up, which total 8000 feet. After you have climbed up, you are in the Sea of 
darkness.  You have to swim around numerous obstacles to get to the next step, which is 
the Sinner's Maze. At the end of the Sinner's Maze is a climb down to the east entrance 
of Set's temple, once again guarded by three demons.  This may not sound that bad, but 
the problem is you have to do this in total DARKNESS.  Good maps are a must, or this will 
be a very frustrating quest. Each time Set forgives you, you are teleported back to the 
pit. When you have no more Karma hits, you can step into a fire hex and get teleported 
back to the Temple of Osirus.

Being Forgiven - More than Three Karma points

If you have more than three karma points it means you died as an evil character.  The 
only difference is, as an evil character you go directly to the pit.  The quests are the 
same as before.

Return to Life
Now you are ready to follow the yellow brick road back to the land of the living. When 
you get to the very last hex of the yellow path, you are on the portal. Use the usual 
portal chant to return to Kesmai Temple, usual portal return point. Anything you are 
carrying will be lost, so don't bother trying to bring any treasure with you. In fact, 
it is a nice idea to leave any useful items you may have accumulated in the Temple as a 
help to other lost souls.

The underworld - Summary

Some people have an extreme dislike for the underworld, but I have found these are the 
people who usually make things harder than they have too.  When you consider the 
alternatives that were available before the underworld was created, namely permanent 
death if you got eaten or too old, the underworld does not look too bad. The secret to 
breezing through the underworld is doing it a few times.  By the time you have seen the 
quests once or twice, you should be able to get through the whole works in one to two 
hours.  This is not a bad price to pay to raise your skills by two levels up to your 
maximum level, restore your constitution (up to 8 points), plus when you are reborn you 
start out with a very young character. Even with a youth potion, the best you can do is 
return to young.

One Final Note

Because each account can have up to eight characters and also because players sometimes 
have multiple accounts, it is becoming more popular these days to have an underworld 
character. The idea is that you create a dock baby and immediately consign it to 
Praetoseba. Then in any spare time you may have, you can complete a whole series of 
quests and outfit the character with all sorts of useful items (helm, amulet, shield 
rings, scales, FF boots, bow, etc.). Then, when one of your real playing characters 
needs to do the underworld, you can transfer the quest end items from your underworld 
character to the recently deceased (especially easy if the characters are on separate 
accounts and your PC is capable of running two copies of the Legends software). For 
example, if your underworld character has a birch wand waiting for you, you can bypass 
all the Sphinx wandering bits and go straight to Kephri. This strategy may be 
particularly advantageous if you need to get back into the game quickly, for example to 
retrieve your death pile. While some may see this as cheating, I find it hard to fault 
as all the quests are actually carried out, albeit in advance and by a different