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Miscellaneous Items
[Information provided by Sky Guild, Ryuji; edited by Ryuji]


"A small leather-bound book, with a title lettered on the cover. The book is slightly charred, and the title is faded beyond recognition."

Contains information about how to use the portals between the lands.

"A small paper book entitled 'The Dungeon'."

"A small leather book, with mystic runes engraved into the cover."

Tied spell book. A person's personal spell book, you can't use it unless it is yours.

"A small iron-bound book with a mysterious star-shaped emblem emblazoned on the cover."

Contains information on the various Undead and their weaknesses.

"A yellow book with a silver mark, 'VI', on its spine."

Contains information about Praetoseba (Underworld) and how to get there. Real World Reference: Vergil's Aeneid Book VI in Latin (The descent to the Underworld )

"A thick leather book entitled 'Three Weapon Quests'."

Contains information on the Raxe, BBS and SGA quests.

"A dusty black book covered with strangely disturbing sigils."

This is a mysterious book that is said to hold demon information.


"A small leather scroll."
"A small scroll, made out of a strange leather."

(fighting with a key raises Thieving skill)

"A jeweled key."

Obtained from Googog in Underkingdom (-200) or on the Power Troll in Leng. Needed for Kobold Princess Quest.
(IoK - It was used to unlock a room with a portal to ? in Leng.)

"An iron key with silver runes."


"A gold and black figurine of a snarling tiger."

Turns into a tiger of your alignment when thrown.

"A white porcelain figurine of an enraged griffin."

Turns into a griffin of your alignment when thrown.


"A small bunch of bright red berries."

Restores a few hitpoints. Spawn on the red berry hexes.

"A small bunch of sickly yellow berries."

Takes away a few hitpoints. Spawn on the yellow berry hexes.

"A tiny gold buddha."

Needed for Crystal Gauntlets Quest.

"A silk cloth with a gold chrysanthemum on it."

Needed for Crystal Gauntlets Quest.

"A small feather."

Obtained by taking a raven or a duck to the tanner.

"A leather football."

Obtained by taking a boar corpse to the tanner.

"A small metal mirror."

"A pewter mug."

Sold as ale by an NPC by the fountain in Kesmai.
Some vendors may sell clam chowder in it. - SneekieSnickers

"A dark-green sprig of mugwort."

Poison antidote.

"A broken glass bottle, with jagged edges."

The product of a bottle breaking if it is thrown, or a rare case of it being hit by something while in your hand.

"A large thigh bone, with small pieces of meat adhering to it."

Staff weapon?Mace weapon?(+1)?

"A delicately carved alabaster ankh."

Used in a Praetoseba (Underworld) Stomach Quest.

"A minute ivory carving of a tiger."

Used in a Praetoseba (Underworld) Stomach Quest. (Tiger Menuki)

"A small steel lockpick."

"A dried toad."

The corpse of a summoned toad from a Wizard Eye spell used by a Wizard.

"A dessicated rat."

The corpse of a summoned rat from a Wizard Eye spell used by a Thief.

"A clam shell."
"A raw clam."
"An oyster shell."
"A raw oyster."
"A conch."
"A raw conch"
"A fish scale."
"A piece of petrified wood."

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