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[Information provided by Sky Guild, Ryuji; edited by Ryuji]

(It takes 1 turn to knock a bow and 1 turn to shoot it. There is also a separate graphic for a bow's nocked state.)

"A short bow."

"A yew long bow."

"A yew long bow embellished with carvings. The combat adds are 3."


"A crossbow."

Also comes in a (+3) variety.

"A heavy crossbow with an ornately carved tiller and a peculiar black steel bow. The crossbow is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 4."

Blue glow. Thieves' weapon of choice, carried by the Doom Orc. Nicknamed the 'Doom Orc Bow' or 'Doom Bow'. (+4)

(Daggers can be poisoned by Thieves' Venom spell)

"A steel dagger."

"A silver dagger. The combat adds are 2."

Neutral players can donate it to a confessor ghost to regain lawful alignment. (+2)

"A gilt-handled dagger with a fine steel blade. The combat adds are 3."


"An exquisite Lemurian misericorde dagger whose honed finish reveals the wood grained texture of the metal. The dagger is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 4. The item is neutral."

Blue-glow, neutral tied weapon. Carried by the Yeti, needed for 2nd knight quest. Also called the 'Yeti Dagger'. (+4)

"A fine throwing dagger with the symbol of the Yasnaki marking the hilt. The combat adds are 5."

Tied returning weapon, works on some silver-only creatures. Carried by Carfel. (+5)


"A wooden flail."


"A halberd."

"A heavy halberd. The pole is perfect ash, and the blade is forged from a golden-copper colored alloy. The halberd is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 5. The item is lawful."

Blue-glow, lawful tied weapon obtained from Oak knight trainer as part of the 2nd knight quest. Also called the 'Knight Halberd'. (+5)

(Gauntlets are the main source of augmentation for hand skill)

"A fan with black steel blades."

Tied weapon. Carried by Shidosha. (+4)


"A mace."

"A large mace."


"A steel war hammer."

"A large steel throwing hammer."


"A large steel throwing hammer. The hammer is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 4. The item is lawful."

Blue-glow, lawful tied returning weapon. Sometimes found in crypt past Daisy's lair, in Ydnac's lair or Giant lair. Nicknamed 'RHammer'. (+4)

"A large battle axe."

"A heavy battle axe with gleaming steel blades. The axe is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 5. The item is lawful."

Blue-glow, lawful, tied returning weapon. Made by Vulcan in Axe. Nicknamed 'RAxe'. (+5)


"A shining steel rapier."

Also comes in a (+4) variety.

"An impossibly thin black blade mounted on a silver hilt. The rapier is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 4."

Becomes Lawful aligned or Neutral aligned based on the alignment of who picks it up. Thieves can carry this weapon without breaking their hide spell. Carried by Swordmaster. Nicknamed 'BSR'. (+4)

(Throwing a dagger uses the shuriken skill)
(Shurikens can be poisoned by Thieves' Venom spell)

"A steel shuriken."


"A wooden spear with an iron tip."

"A spear with a long tapering steel blade."


"A wooden staff."
"A heavy oaken staff."

"A large black staff covered with mystic runes. The combat adds are 1."


"A long black iron rod, with glowing red gems arranged in a ring near the center. The combat adds are 3."

Come in both lawful and chaotic aligned varieties. Commonly called a 'tire iron'.(+3)

"A large black staff, with the end carved into the shape of a cobra's head."

Turns into snake when thrown.

"A long, surprisingly light staff composed of a bluish metal."

Contains spell of Raise Dead or Cure.

"A pine staff covered with elaborate carvings."

Contains Fireball spell.

"An ebony staff encrusted with diamonds. The weapon emanates power. The combat adds are 3."

Tied blocking-only weapon, increases mana regeneration by one when carried in right hand. Carried by Overlord. Nicknamed Stormhalter. (+3)


"An iron short sword."
"A sharp steel katana."
"A fine steel long sword."

"A shining steel longsword."

Comes in (+4) and (+5) varieties.

"A fine sword made of an otherworldly metal. Looking at the blade makes you dizzy, as if you were looking at the wings of a hummingbird. The longsword is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 4. The item is lawful."

Blue-glow, lawful tied weapon. Doubles attack speed. Works against some silver-only lair creatures. Found in secret room past Troll King lair. Nicknamed 'Hummer'. (+5)


"A heavy wooden three-sectioned staff."

"A three-sectioned staff made from a strange black wood. There is a curious monogram at one end."


(For whatever reason, 2-handed weapons have always been wieldable with just one hand)

"A large iron greatsword."

"An unusually light shining steel greatsword. The combat adds are 4."


"A black broadsword. The broadsword is emitting a faint blue glow. The combat adds are 4. The item is lawful."

Blue-glowing, lawful tied weapon obtained from Ironbar in East Kesmai. Nicknamed 'BBS'. (+4)

"A huge battle axe with shining silver blades. The combat adds are 4. The item is lawful."

Blue-glowing, silver, lawful tied weapon obtained from Silvermoon in Axe Town. A non-tied version is found in Vlad's lair on a lich. Nicknamed 'SGA' (+4)

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