Dungeons of Kesmai

- Occupations
- Nationalities

- Monsters
Lair Monsters
- Lawful NPCs

- Weapons
- Armor
- Clothing
- Accessories
- Potions
- Valuables
- Spell Imbued
- Miscellaneous

- Kesmai
- Leng
- Axe Glacier
- Oakvael
- Underkingdom
- Praetoseba (Underworld)
- Other

- Everyone
    - Princess Ianta
    - Kobold Princess
- Lawful Players
    - Black Broadsword
    - Silver Great Axe
    - Returning Axe
    - Hummingbird Longsword
- Fighter
    - Becoming a Knight
- Knight
    - First Quest
    - Second Quest
- Martial Artist
    - Crystal Gauntlets
- Praetoseba (Underworld)
    - Stomach
    - Intestines
    - Lungs
    - Liver

- Knight
- Thaumaturge
- Thief
- Wizard

- LoK Kompanion
- Ancestoring
- Summoning Demons
- 7th Realm Tips
- Stryker's Tips
- LoK Internet Slang
- Professions and Skills
- Playing a Knight
- Playing a Martial Artist
    - by: Isildur
- Playing a Thaumaturge
    - by: Ixion.Thaum
- Playing a Thief
    - by: Catweazle/Pimpernel
- Playing a Wizard
    - by: Catweazle
- Praetoseba (Underworld)
    - by: Unknown 1
    - by: Unknown 2

- Alpha/Beta/Gold Art Comparison
- Advanced Game Art
- Unused Critters/Items/Spells
- LoK Soundboard
- Charts
- Images
- Articles
- Interesting Facts and Oddities
- Top 20
- Events
- Guild Tags
- LoK Con '98
- Tales
- Stryker's Monster Almanac
    - Kesmai Surface
    - Kesmai -1
    - Kesmai -2
    - Kesmai -3
    - Kesmai -4
    - Leng Surface
    - Leng -1
    - Leng Griff Cliffs
    - Leng Undead
    - Axe Glacier Surface
    - Axe Glacier Cliffs
    - Oakvael Surface
    - Oakvael -1
    - Oakvael -2
    - Oakvael Serpent Level
    - Oakvael Troll Temple
    - Oakvael Undead
    - Oakvael Reptile Pit

LoK Downloads


LoK Help File V1.21b - The LoK Help from client version 1.21b. Extensive manual for LoK made by KesCo (Kesmai Company).

The LoK Kompanion Collection - Includes 3 separate versions of Treyner's LoK Kompanion and an LoK rendition of the IoK BG Kesmai Kompanion by Malachi. This is an incredible compilation of information that no LoKer should be without. (Not 100% accurate on all accounts, but still very good)

The Kesmai Chronicles - This is a compilation of the known history for the entire realm of Kesmai. The information was drawn from many sources and edited by JadeFist. Full credits are included in the document.

Alternate Kesmai History Tale- Another history tale about the lands from an unknown author. Submitted by Cutterhack.

Kesmai 101: 101 Steps to Success in Legends of Kesmai - A hands on tutorial intended for first-time players but even those players that have already been in Kesmai a few times may well benefit from the many lessons herein. Composed by Paul Soares aka Graf, Max.Factor.

Complete LoK charts - Charts for level advancement (up to lvl 22), skill levels (up to lvl 19), new character creation, and training cost. Charts created by AuntMaggie in MS Word format.

Underworld Guide - A walk-through guide created by MaggieGhost in MS Word format . This is a must-have for anyone not familiar with Praetoseba! Included in document is a general lay-out graphical strip map, courtesy of the Mountain Cloud Clan.

Character Data Form - A form to record your characters personal data on created by Alyssa....KILL in MS Word format.

(Others can be found on each of the pages dedicated to a specific land.)

LoK Graphical Unannotated Maps - Created by the famed mapmaker Michel Dawidowicz aka Radagast.

Kesmai Map - A Kesmai map annotated by Scorp950, created by the famed mapmaker Michel Dawidowicz aka Radagast.

High Quality Underkingdom Maps - Found on Stryker's site and donated to him by Sennarion.

Underkingdom Unannotated Map - Created by the famed mapmaker Michel Dawidowicz aka Radagast.

Praetoseba Map - A graphical general lay-out strip map of the Underworld. Can be used as a "quick reference" map. This is in JPG format, courtesy of the Mountain Cloud Clan.

Underkingdom Graphical Text Maps - These are in GIF format, but with the look of graphical text maps. Courtesy of the BAD Clan.


MapViewer 1 - A mapviewer program that allows you to explore the lands of Kesmai from afar (source code included). Created by CyberBill.

MapViewer 2 - A mapviewer program created by Pathfinder.

DAT 2 BMP - A program that converts the LoK bitmap .dat files into actual .bmp image files for viewing. Created by Jesse Patterson aka Erol.

LoK Sound Ripper - A program that extracts the .wav sound files from the .KDT files in the 'Data' folder of the LoK client. Created by Jesse Patterson aka Erol.


LEGENDS Font - Font used in the Legends of Kesmai game.

LoK Demo Movie - Movie trailer showing off LoK, made during Alpha/Beta testing in '96. Distributed on the GameStorm CD.

LoK Demo Movie Sound Assets - Contains 4 unique sound clips extracted from the LoK Demo Movie including the background soundtrack used in it.

NPC Names - Various image files of random NPC names used in LoK. Courtesy of Dreamer.

Scrolls - Various image files of scroll descriptions found in LoK. Courtesy of Dreamer.

Client Assets

LoK Client Version Release Notes - A collection of version notes spanning from V.02 to V1.21b with some gaps inbetween.

LoK Sounds - Entire collection of sound files from the LoK game client. I really would recommend checking out the LoK Soundboard, though.

Version 1.22

Help File V1.22

Version 1.21b

Bitmaps V1.21b

Databases V1.21b

Help File V1.21b - Some information changed compared to earlier and later versions.

Version 1.11

Bitmaps V1.11

Databases V1.11

Help File V1.11 - Some information changed compared to earlier and later versions.

Version .68b (Beta)

Bitmaps V.68b

Databases V.68b

Help File V.68b - Some information changed compared to earlier and later versions.

Version .55 (Beta)

Bitmaps V.55 - Contains Beta art.

Databases V.55

Help File V.55 - Some information changed compared to earlier and later versions.

Version .25 (Alpha)
[Client donated by Frederic Hutow aka Moonlight]
(Only 21 testers partook in Alpha Testing. Each was sent a copy of the game on a burned CD labeled with a marker.)

Bitmaps V.25 - Contains Alpha art.

Databases V.25 - Global database file has a 'item data' table (not seen in future versions) that showcases every item description in the game.

Manual Documents V.25 - Precursor to the LoK Help File. Contains Rich Text Format documents that have both information that is found in later LoK Help Files and unique information/stories that can only be found here.

Basic Game
- What is BG?

Advanced Game
- What is AG?
- Hit Point Doctor
- Items
    - Weapons
    - Armor & Accessories
    - Other
- Critters
    - Monsters
    - Lair Monsters
- Lands
    - Annwn
    - Rift Glacier
    - Torii
    - Shukumei
- Quests
    - Sword of Light
    - Torii Pagoda
    - Makon Gauntlets
    - Knight's HP

- IoK BG Kompanion
- AG Guide
- Liu.Bei's AG memories

- Differences from LoK
- Game Changes
- Interesting Facts and Oddities
- Articles
- Commands
- Images
- Socerer Occupation

The Renfield Files
- AG Critter Experience
- AG Critter Reference
- Critter Reference
- Rit Glacier Critter Hints
- Torii Critters
- AG Armor
- AG Book Descriptions
- AG Prices
- AG Rings
- AG Weapons
- Drake Potions
- IoK Item Reference V1
- IoK Item Reference V2
- Potions
- Knight Quests
- Masamune Katana Quest
- Sword of Light Quest
- Praetoseba Quests
- Kesmai Map
- Kesmai 7 Level Map
- Leng Pre-Rift Map
- Leng Volcanic Rift Map
- Leng Post-Rift Map
- Axe Glacier Map V1
- Axe Glacier Map V2
- Oakvael Map
- Annwn Map
- Rift Glacier Map
- Rift Glacier Vertical Map
- Torii Map
- Shukumei Map
- Praetoseba Map
- AG Help V2
- AG Help V3
- Alignments
- Ancestoring
- Death
- Demons
- Dino's IoK Guide
- IoK BG Kompanion V1
- IoK BG Kompanion V2
- Karma
- Knight Guide
- Mord's MA Help 1
- Mord's MA Help 2
- Mord's MA Help 3
- Newbie Guide
- Stats
- Tanner 1
- Tanner 2
- Thief Abilities
- Thief Advice
- Thief BG Advice
- Thief Spells
- AG Advice Intro
- Crypt Tip
- Fighter Hitpoint Cost
- Fizzy's AG Wizard Setup
- Fizzy's Tips
- Fizzy's Weapon Tests
- Land Opinions
- MA Basics
- Rift Glacier Tip
- Snafu's AG Wizard Opinions
- Sword of Light Damage Tests
- Training Costs
- Wizard Hitpoint Cost
- AG Character Sheet
- AG Conference Discussion
- Control Codes
- First Dragon Slaying
- Kesmai Library Index
- Multiple Accounts
- Network/Service Disruption
- Shukumei Hunt
- Shukumei Story
- Slang and Nicknames
- Snafu's Skill Cow Macro
- Thief Conference Discussion
- Tree Guild
- Weezard Family Tree
- You Guessed It Game

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