GM Areas
[written by HughTheHand]

Make that GM-only. Guides, up until the very end of the game when they were
given the teleport ability, had NO access to any of the land hells
(yes...every land had a "hell", not just Leng). In every hell, for those
that don't know, was a single square that would "duplicate" any item placed
on it. The GMs used these areas for their accrue prizes etc.
When the guides were given the teleport ability, it was around the time that
word went out about LOK closing. They were given this to help deal with the
rising amount of players causing trouble, under the thinking of "I'm going
out with a bang", etc. Yes, once that happened, the guides *could* access
the hells. However, we were still scrutinized, and any guide that was found
accessing any of the hells was given a very stern warning, and told to not
do so ever again, from what I heard within the staff.

In response to Shadowfist's earlier question...yes, the hell area was part
of the land map, not a seperate "land". Hope this helps.

Always and Forever,