Leng Hell Bug
[written by SneekieSnickers; edited by Ryuji]

The hell bug was found on gamestorm by me, SneekieSnickers, it infact went on for 2 or more weeks, however, the 2-3 days it occured was when my friend that I showed it started blabbing to others about it.

The hell bug in leng was the only hell accessible by players. It had all the demons in it plus it had a counter that sold various items and figs like dp's etc., they were something like 1000 gold or so per item dont ask me why and the hex only contained a few rare gems and only a few I can remember:

Demons didn't attack you and some of the unknown bottles the GM gave me weren't actually used for anything  all it contained was water when I Id'd it and I got same thing just water used for nothing.

The hell bug was found out of my curiousity of the game when I killed kosh and dropped down to town i used the air hex just to the left of his lair to go to tanner real fast  here is the map link for quick refrence on how i did it

The drop on leng above kosh droped straight down to leng desert area the furthest one droped down to undead area. I counted the hex's moved over cuz I swore when I droped down the hex north of Kosh I saw a familiar sky hex plus undead sound go off as I droped down, so I measured it to the hexs over and comparing it to the map overlapping it you could drop past oak undead. So I was like hey I zoomed in and saw that there is a small little area covered up cept by 1 spot nw of the drop that is right next to hell, so was like ok I've fallen down -100 and -200 and I get caught on players' firestorm etc so if i got caught on firestorm there maybe I could dig dug toward hell to see what it's really about. So tada low and behold it worked I managed to dig to hell. I checked it out saw what was in it what vender had to sell etc. Out of curiousity the hex with the demons was unattainble by walking on it, you would be pushed back like a thief portal for non-thieves, so I got my thuam down there to get a djinn to grab a item to see how much it sold for. So he got a gem and low and behold it never went away so infinite could be grabed. So I threw an item down and my item became infinite. I eventually got baned for selling gems and taking money, infact I have the old eq e-mails of me being baned.