A Tale of Courage... and a Little Luck

"You must be crazy! Not for a wizard! Tet, i'm your friend and even a martial artist like myself has problems fighting it," warned Arthar.

"I know, but I have to do it! I must prove myself not only to others but to MYSELF that I'm not just some weakling who needs to depend on the strength of others to protect me! If at all, I'll get from this the satisfaction that I rank amongst the great wizards that have preceded me. It's my calling to continue that line -- the line that started with the legendary Snafu."

"Alright Tet... I know when there's no dissuading a stubborn mind but please do me a favor and call upon me for at least retrieve your belongings should you happen to not succeed," offered Arthar.

"Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence," Tet replied with a grin, knowing that his good friend meant no ill will.

The sun was breaking over the horizon and the great day of truth was beginning on a very possitive note. As the two friends parted ways, Arthar to hunt down and destroy all chaotic monsters for what they did to his homeland and Tet to his magical locker to suit up, Leng town was slowly stirring to get ready for the business day. Lengians have long dreaded the beginning of each day for they know that any day now, the dreaded dragon of leng would wipe out the town for the sheer pleasure of it. Warriors and mages have come and gone to test their strength and make a name for themselves in the land of Leng but not many have dared to take on the dreaded dragon, Kosh.

Tetilio, a young wizard from Illyria, was nervous and fearful that morning. Who knows what will happen? Here is a wizard of all people that will singly go up against a mighty dragon that not many even dare to set foot in the lair alone! But all those negative thoughts were pushed out of Tet's mind. His training in the magical arts and in the martial arts have given him the discipline to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. He remembers his training with the many wizard teachers of the lands, knowing that all of them must think him crazy for breaking the tradition of wizards. But Tet was always a fast learner and loved all things new.

Tet goes over the teachings of his martial arts master who had taught him all this time. At first, Master Tsubami was hesistant to train Tet because of his passion for magical arts. Martial artists shun that which they deem to be evil practices. But Tet was persistent and wouldn't leave the master alone. Master Tsubami eventually gave in and trained Tet. She was amazed at his ability to pick up that which was foreign to magic users. Guided by her spirit, Tet was confident that his martial arts skills wouldn't let him down.

At his locker, Tet rummages through all this treasure and brought out those that would aid him best in this fight. He checked all the shield rings to make sure they still worked. One by one he slipped each ring into a finger and watched the blue air glow brighter with each ring. He puts on his griffin skull and feather fall boots and that which was a necessity to all magic users -- his robe. This was no ordinary robe, but a kimono. It's the lightest robe of power that can be found and aids not only in one's magic skills but also because of its light weight, helps in the martial arts.

All suited up, Tet closes his magical locker and starts to head out. He stops by the balm sellers to fill his sack with that cherished healing elixir. "A mere 16 gold pieces for that which will save my life," thought Tet. He looks up and sees the recall ring seller. " need for that. Need the extra ring space for all the shields that i can put on." Checking one last time, Tet counts off all the items in his sack. Thirteen balms, 3 mana restore potions, plus minor items that he thought might come in handy.

Tet crosses the bridge and heads toward the cliffs where Kosh lived. A small place for a mighty dragon thought Tet but he brushed the peculiarity aside attributing it to the weird desires of a dragon. Tet makes his way through the lower cavern with ease. Not many monsters here can survive a well placed fireball. Tet climbed the rope to the griffin level and saw no one around. "So far so good," Tet said reassuring himself. With each step that he took, the wild screams of Kosh grew louder. "N-n-n-no problem, can do it...steady..." With that, our young wizard festered up enough courage and proceeded as planned.

He finally arrived at the rope that lead to Kosh's lair and rested a bit from the resistance that he encountered on his way there. While resting his body, Tet took the opportunity to strengthen his mind. He traced the words to the spell that would either result in victory or in agonizing death at the mouth of Kosh. "Duppira igigi gallu kunushi...duppira igigi gallu kunushi...dupira..." By now, the sun over Leng shone brightly and it was time for Tet to fulfill his lifelong dream.

"Duppira igigi gallu kunushi." With those words chanted and the spell of icespear warmed, Tet climbed the rope. At the top, Kosh was resting for the midday. He awoke to the foul smell of human odor and was definitely irritated that some puny human would dare to disturb his much cherished rest. As his eyes cleared, he fixed his gazed upon...a wizard? How odd that a magic user would be the first to climb the rope. But no matter -- in the swiftness that had downed many a great warrior, Kosh attacked Tet and drew first blood! "Blast!" Losing his concentration because of the blow, Tet had forgotten his spell and was fizzled. "Gotta jump and heal," thought Tet. At the bottom, he drew out the first of many balms that would heal his battered body. "At this rate, sure glad that I have lots of these."

"Duppira igigi gallu kunushi." Up the rope a second time. Kosh had started to lay himself down for his rest, assuming that the blow would have certainly scared that puny human away. "I don't believe this," thought Kosh. "Persistent lil' guy." With that thought, Kosh flew straight for Tet with a raised claw. Upon landing, Kosh unleased a stroke that would have severed anyone's head but no!...the strike was blocked by a shield! Seizing the opportunity, Tet let off the first of many icespears necessary to take down Kosh. Success! The icespear pierced Kosh's armor but did not wound him badly. Kosh reared a bit though from the unexpected blow and that gave Tet time to warm again. "Duppira igigi gallu kunushi." Determined not to let that happen again, the angered dragon quickly swept Tet with his tail and knocked Tet down to his knees. Fizzle again! Taking a balm out, Tet quickly healed. But as the healing is not instantaneous, Tet felt his body slowly healing. Lucky that he was balming because Kosh once again charged towards Tet and once again landed a damaging blow. But the healing was still working and the wound from the last blow was all healed now.

"Duppira igigi gallu kunushi." Kosh couldn't believe that his human was so persistent...and a wizard of all people! "Maybe some fire might do the trick," thought Kosh. The lair was lit up with a roaring fire. Tet had to avert his eyes even though it was the brightest part of the day. Quickly adjusting to the glare, Tet let fly another icespear from his fingers. Hit!...another armor breach. Seeing that that fire didn't phase the human, Kosh proceeded to strike with his wings. Blocked! Tet's martial arts training up to seventh rank of third dan had paid off! Surprising even himself, Tet hastened to warm another spell.

"Duppira igigi gallu kunushi." Around and around they went. The unrelenting dragon attacked one after another hoping to end this battle quickly. And everytime that Tet jumped off the cliff, Kosh breathed a sigh of relief only to find persistent Tet a moment later ready for more punishment.

The walls echoed with the screams of both beings as well as the contrasting sounds of fire and ice. The giant dragon more than once had to step back in fear of another wound from that cursed icespear. Tet was gaining the upper hand as the fight progressed. In his combat training, Tet discovered that attacking a wounded spot caused more damage, and so he carefully took a split second before unleashing every icespear to aim at an already affected area. The tactic seemed to work wonderfully as Kosh drew to near death. Tet could see that the once mighty dragon was getting slower and that it hurt the beast to move great lengths. "I'm so glad that dragons can't balm," thought our young warrior mage.

"Duppira igigi gallu kunushi." Kosh was now drained of all strength and was lying on the ground unable to move. Blood of man was mixed with blood of dragon all over the place. Some spots frozen burgundy, others dried by the heat of fire. Kosh drew enough strength to raise his head once more in arrogant defiance. "This is not over, puny human," grunted Kosh. "I shall be made anew and your kind will once again be terrorized." Kosh smiled a deathly evil smile and laughed as best he could before he choked on his own blood. With that, Tet threw his last icespear towards the almost dead dragon. The icespear seemed so slow as it raced towards Kosh's head. Everything slowed down for Kosh as his eyes closed and breathed his last breath. The sun had set...

As recorded by the Chronicler