Poems of Kesmai

Rocky T. Orc is a janitor by trade.
He cleans up our things with a broom that he made.
His sweeping technique
Is known through the land.
It makes everyone want a broom in their hand!

This is what Genshaw, the wizard, thinks of the Kesmai sage:

Just east of the pawnshop
In Kesmai town,
There is a wise sage,
Who can give you a crown.
The crown is of knowledge,
Pure and supreme,
Put on the crown and you'll be living your dream.

Now Genshaxe's point of view:

I am Genshaxe the knight.
I LOVE a good fight.
I'll tell you about Sage,
The object of my rage.
He fights like a goose,
What a sorry excuse for a man!

The Sage is a wise one
He'll teach you much lore.
But don't stay too long, it'll become a bore!

Even Grimke, the thief, is a poet of sorts:

The sheriff of Kesmai
Was the bane of my life.
Then I learned magics
And put an end to my strife.

Now ol' bushel britches cringes when I'm near.
I visit him regularly to increase his fear.
I cram his hide with numerous bolts
And snicker aloud as his weak body jolts.

Copyright 1999, Brian Fox.