Ydnac's Story

There was a time when evil and chaos completely dominated the island of Kesmai. The evil Brotherhood of Yasnac inhabited the center of the island and performed vile experiments in their underground dungeons. They summoned foul monsters and diabolical spirits to aid their destructive intentions. These abject examples of men had once been righteous. They were once powerful magicians who used their abilities for upright purposes. They had once been members of the Grand Order of Thaumaturges and resided in the land of Mu. When they fell to dark deeds, they settled in Kesmai, a small pirates' island just off the coast of the Archipelago of Mu. The Brotherhood of Yasnac formed under the leadership of Yasnac himself, the most powerful sorcerer the lands had ever seen. Yasnac had a younger brother by the name of Ydnac who, despite his adolescent age, ventured to Kesmai with Yasnac when the Brotherhood exiled themselves.

Over the years, the reign of the Brotherhood grew, and they attempted to wipe out the Grand Order! This trial was repressed by the Grand Order only when they advertised to all the realms the dangers and rewards of defeating the Brotherhood. The Grand Order of Thaumaturges soon had a resilient regiment of warriors ready to do battle against the Yasnaki people. The first stages of the battle were heated, but more and more warriors poured into the Island of Kesmai to aid the Grand Order in defeating the now infamous foe.

Ydnac, the brother of Yasnac, fled to the outer reaches of the island when he heard the first battle cries. He found a cave of white stone, in which he resided, living off the meat of bears and other animals indigenous to the island. When the Yasnaki were exiled to another land by the Grand Order of Thaumaturges, Ydnac dared not show his face to a member of the Order again. He was content with himself to remain in the eastern reaches of the island, shrouding himself from all visitors. He had learned much magical lore from Yasnac before they were separated. He knew that if he continued to practice his skills, he could understand and take advantage of the power that practicing would yield. He would then become a leader of his fellow conspirators when he freed them from the land that they were imprisoned in.

He has not attained a high enough rank of self-critique to attempt a rescue of his comrades. Therefore, he continues to exercise the traditional magics of his brother's people, awaiting the day when he will achieve great renown.

Copyright 1999, Brian Fox.