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Second Knight Quest
[Written by Gwydion]

1. Train with Brych (Oakvael)
2. Kill Yeti (Axe Glacier)
3. Take dagger to Brych, get halberd, train again (Oakvael)
4. Take halberd to Gorf and train (Oakvael)

This quest consists of several parts. Before undertaking it you must request it from Brych (follow the same procedure as outlined for Cudyl above). Brych may be found alongside Aniet in Oakvael.

Part 1 - The Misery-corde Dagger

The basic objective here is to kill the Yeti and grab his dagger. As with the agate, the dagger ties to the character that lands the killing blow. The Yeti (Yoric) lives high up in the mountains of Axe Glacier and is one of the most inaccessible creatures in the game. To get to his lair you have to pass through the lairs of Sparkles the Drake and Mama the Ice Dragon. Unless you are a very high level Knight, you will not be able to do this alone. Once again, there are two approaches to this problem. Firstly, you can gather a party of high level players and bludgeon your way through the Drake, the Ice Dragon and them on to the Yeti. The second, as with Daisy, is to employ the help of a Thief. The Thief should be able to eliminate the Drake and sneak past Mama. Now comes the toughest part, you also have to sneak past her, but without the benefit of a HIDE spell. There's only one way to do this - run as fast as you can. Be sure that you know where you are heading (towards the climb up at the East side of the lair), make sure your hands are empty (for the climb), and go for it. Once you get up the rope, she won't follow you. Pause momentarily while your heart rate returns to normal, proceed toward the Yeti. The Thief should be able to point out a safe place for you to park while he or she takes the Yeti to near death. Then, as with Daisy, you jump in and finish it off. Don't forget to grab the dagger. The Thief should be able to warn you about the dangers of looting in the Yeti lair while Mama is still alive below. Having thanked the Thief profusely, take the dagger to Brych and type "Brych, give halberd". Brych will give you the Knight's halberd. Before you leave, type "Brych, teach me" and he will give you the second part of the quest.

Part 2 - The Reptile Pit

This is really tough, though I know of some players who have done it solo, you would be best to organize a group of tough Knights to accompany you (only Knights can enter the pit). You might also want to think about bringing a sacrificial baby Knight along, for reasons I will explain later. Before you embark on this quest you should decide whether you want to train up with the halberd and use that as your weapon or simply use your current weapons. If you chose the latter, you will need to bring an extra recall ring so that you can recall back to town, grab the halberd and recall to the pit. The entrance to the Reptile Pit is down some stairs to the West as you come down into the Undead level in Oakvael. The gates are guarded by Clwyd who will grant entry to Knights only, when you type "Clwyd, teach me". Once inside the pit, you will start to encounter fearsome critters. Also, the walls will start exploding and this will set self defense flags all over the place. Don't forget to pet players whose flags are set, otherwise it is very easy to accidentally hit one of your comrades in the heat of battle. You will have to fight you way through nasty Serpents, Stalkers, Minotaur, etc. As you get closer to the heart of the pit you will meet Concussion Spectres (spread out as much as possible to confuse them), Wyrms (each reportedly as tough as Daisy) and finally the Whirlwind Dragon known as Wendy. This Dragon casts a WHIRLWIND spell - just once. If you have brought along a sacrificial baby Knight, now is the time to use him. Have him approach the Dragon while everyone else stays well behind. The Dragon should cast WHIRLWIND at the sacrifice, probably killing him. However, her "stinger" has now been drawn and the rest of the party can engage the Dragon in conventional combat. If you do not have any expendable bait, one of the party members should advance toward the Dragon while the rest stay behind and run as fast as possible from the advancing WHIRLWIND, hoping to stay one step ahead of it. Once all the creatures have been killed, you can then retreat a bit to recall and get your halberd, if you don't have it with you. Otherwise just proceed through the portal to find Gorffwyltera. Put your halberd on the ground at his feet and type "Gorf, teach me". He will reward you with sixteen extra hit points, and you even get to keep the halberd.

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